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Your dream come true Kruger National Park Day Safari starts here. We understand that you’ve been dreaming of a Kruger Park Safari for so long and only having a single day to go on Safari, means that you’re really hoping for the best Kruger experience possible. With this in mind we have designed a variety of Kruger Day Safari experiences that capture the essence of Kruger, the Big 5, the vast mammal diversity, Kruger’s Birds, plant life and rich history and heritage. We have created a wonder-filled storyboard and guided experience like no other and have become synonymous with the best Privately Guided Kruger Safaris. Join Guide Andrew for an experience of a lifetime. 

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Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services. If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

These are the Daily Conservation fees for 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2024 to enter in the Kruger National Park :

South African Citizens and Residents (with ID)  will pay R120 per adult per day and R60 per child per day. SADC Nationals (with passport/RSA work permit ) will pay R220 per adult per day R110 per child. per day. The

Standard Conservation Fee for visitors with an International passport is R440 per adult per day and R220 per child per day. This is as per SANParks and is passed on directly to our clients. Please note that this is charged as a daily fee. For our Overnight Safaris in the Kruger National Park we include this daily fee over the duration of your trip.

Booking your Safari to the Kruger National Park is very simple. Once we have received your query or booking email via the website for the relevant Safari we will then provide you with confirmation and availability as well as proforma/provisional quotation that indicates the type of Day Safari, the date of travel and the number of guests. Once this has been confirmed we will provide you either with a formal invoice that includes our banking details or alternatively we will provide you a secured credit card payment link via email. Once the deposit or amount is received in full you will then received a formal booking confirmation letter as well as an automated confirmation and a call or email directly from our owner – Andrew Wagner.

We want to assure our clients that we mean what we say and our booking confirmation is our commitment to you. For this reason we are members of South African Tourism Services (SATSA no#2466) as well as being a registered private company that provides an audited financial statement and are a registered vat vendors with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

The longer the better!. The simple truth is that if you want to see as many animals as possible and what to find the Big 5 species then we will need at least a single day and still that wont guarantee that we will find Lion and Leopard. Morning Safaris and Afternoon Safaris capture the ambience of the day and still provide a great opportunity to see wonderful species but if you want to stand the best chance of having great sightings then we recommend a Full Day Kruger National Park Safari. This also ensure that you will get to see more of the Park and its varying diversity as well as visit more than one camp and experience the timeless ambience of Kruger’s camps.

This is a question that we get asked often. Kruger is a wonderful destination all year round, especially if you’ve never been on Safari or visited South Africa or Africa. For the first timer you can travel all year round. We would recommend more than one day in the Park and if you can suggest at least a 3 Day Kruger Safari to ensure that you have a great experience. The summer months from September to April can be very hot with rain but the bush is green a beautiful. Its is a difficult time of year to see game as the vegetation makes it difficult but on the other hand its really pretty and the bush is full of abundance. This is a great time for glorious landscapes, there’s an abundance of birds, a cacophony of insects and frogs and the over 2000 plant species on full bloom.

The alternative time of year is winter which is between May and August and whilst the bush isn’t green and lush it does make for incredible game viewing as a result of less vegetation, stunning sunrises and sunsets and a cooler more manageable average daytime temperature. 

Choosing from a Half Day Kruger National Park Safari tour or a Full Day Kruger National Park Safari tour is all dependant on how much time you have and how much of the Kruger you want to experience. The more time in the bush the better chance you stand of finding and seeing more of the species that call Kruger home. If early mornings isn’t your thing then an Afternoon Safari from lunch time until sunset is an alterative option. For Birders who want to focus on Kruger National Park Birding Safari, we recommend a full day that starts very early to capture the dawn chorus and enable us to get to different habitats so we can maximise on as many bird species in a single day.

Being in a Open Safari Vehicle isn’t dangerous at all. Your guide will provide you with a safety briefing prior to your Safari and explain the do’s and don’ts whilst on the  Safari Vehicle. The very nature of the vehicle is to conceal our human shape and smell and enable you to get close and feel part of the wilderness experience. The very fact that you have a professional guide with you means that you are 100% safer than if you went alone.  The views from a Safari vehicle are incomparable to a closed vehicle, your senses are completely engaged and besides that it makes Safari a great adventure out in the open air. 

All of our Day Safaris make use of the 5 Main Camps in Southern Kruger (Pretoriuskop, Skukuza, Berg-en-Dal, Lower Sabie, Crocodile Bridge) as well as the 2 Outposts namely Afsaal and Tshokwane. All of the main camps have restaurant, take always, a park shop with a wide variety of amenities as well as bathrooms. The two Outposts offer a bush kitchen that serves sit down breakfast and lunch as well as takeaways and a small shop with snacks, soft drinks and curio.

With 151 Mammals, 520 bird species, 174 reptiles, 53 fish and over 2,000 plant species, the Kruger National Park has exceptional bio-diversity. On a Day Safari we will typically see variety of antelope species which includes Impala, Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, Steenbok and Duiker. When it comes to larger herbivores we will see Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Buffalo, Elephant and Hippopotamus. The predators are a little more difficult to see but early mornings offer the best opportunity to find Spotted Hyena, Lion and Leopard. The rare species to find included Black and White Rhino, WildDog and Cheetah. These are present but as a result of their low numbers means that sightings are few but not impossible. If you are interested in Trees we will go through the Big 8 trees and also talk to Kruger’s geological diversity as well as common shrubs and grasses. If you are a keen birder then there is so much to see and could find well over 100 new species in single day.

The Kruger National Park is a medium to high risk malaria area and we do advise that you consult your Doctor prior to arrival. Malaria can be a risk all year round.

Yes the are Park Shops found in all the main camps in Kruger. Each shop offers guests a wide variety of groceries and snacks as well as beverages. These shops are also well stocked with items such a sunscreen, hats and clothing as well as batteries, memory sticks and data cards along with mosquito spray, books and maps and of course curious.


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