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What is a Private Kruger Park Safari ?

What does it mean to book a “Private” Kruger National Park Safari ?

Its become very easy these days to find a Private Kruger Park Safari and there is reference all over the web. The reality is you need to dig a little deeper to truly understand if the experience holds up to the expectation of a private safari.

Private Safaris originated about 20 years ago and these started when clients wanted something special, more exclusive and with the highest standards of guiding. Often it was the guide that was specifically requested because of there reputation and skill, who would then put together a personalised itinerary around guests expectations and special interests. Private Safari didn’t just mean that your trip was for you and your partner or family, it meant a lot more. It was, and still is about a more specialised safari experience, its the detailed story board and quality of information provided by your Guide, its the attention to detail and these skill sonly come with experience and ensuring that your Guide as the necessary qualifications to be considered a Private Guide.

Private Safaris may also reference that the type of Safari is a Photographic Safari or Birding Safari and exclusive to one of these jey interest areas. Your Guides in this instance will be specialists in these areas and a skill far above a normal guide to ensure that you get the very best from you safari and meet expectations.

With Safari, when we say Private Kruger Park Safaris, what do we mean ?

  1. All of our Safaris are Private and exclusive to you and your booking – this means that you wont have any other guest on your safari. Its all about you and your experience in Kruger with your own personal Safari Guide and Private Safari Vehicle.
  2. Your Safari is tailor-made to your expectations – we recognise that everyone is different and whilst you may also want to do a 3 or 4 day safari, your expectations, interest and travel plans will be different. None of our Safaris are “cookie-cutter” and we can plan and create around you and your needs. After all, every trip should be special, memorable and different.
  3. Our Guides are amongst the most sought after in Kruger – the most important part of any Safari experience is the Guide! Having successfully delivered hundreds of Safaris into the Greater Kruger region, we know that the most important link between our guests and a incredible experience, its the Guide every single time. Great guides are never forgotten and you will refer back to them and the experience that you had with them for years to come. Our Guides are amongst the best in Kruger because of their experience, their qualifications, there ability to create wonder-filled storyboards for clients and of-course professionalism.
Private Kruger Day safari in Kruger Park

So when looking for a Private Safari, be sure to get a good understanding of who you want to go with. Look for originality of Safaris, reference to teams and the guides as well as client testimonial that mentions the guides and the guests experience.

Hope the above tip helps you plan your trip. For more information or any questions send us a mail at


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