4 Day Kruger National Park Safari



How do i plan a trip to the Kruger National Park ?

As far as Safaris go, visiting the Kruger National Park is perhaps one of the easiest safaris to plan and offers some of the best wilderness and game viewing available. As large as may small countries, the Kruger National Park is spread over 20,000 square kilometres and is only a 4h30min drive or 45min flight from Johannesburg. Regarded as one of the last iconic wilderness areas in the world, the Kruger National Parks vast expanses is home to some incredible wildlife and landscapes. With 35 different eco-zones, 151 mammals, 520 birds, 120 reptiles, 53 fish, 34 amphibians and 2000+ species of plants, it offers guests endless opportunities to see and experience the exceptional bio-diversity of Southern Africa. 
Opening to the public in 1928 and starting from humble beginnings, the Kruger National Park today offers guests a variety of 22 different Camps to stay, over 4,000km of road infrastructure, wonderful hides and waterholes and all of the man made introductions only occupying less than 1% of the 2 million hectares. As a result of this wonderful infrastructure, guests have a wide variety of places to stay and types of accommodation from the traditional self-catering to a hotel and private lodges. The types of Safari experience you want to have is completed dependant on budget but we highly recommend that you opt for a Private Kruger National Park Safari experience so that you can experience this incredible place with your own personal guide and safari vehicle. 

Getting to the Kruger National Park. 

The nearest gate of entry in to the Park is also the oldest and that Numbi Gate. This gate is 420km from Johannesburg and would take around 4h30min travel by vehicle. The main road from Johannesburg, the N4 highway, will take you Nelspruit (Mbombela) and then via White River and onto Numbi Gate. The N4 is great highway with 4 toll gates along the route and several roadside gas stations with restaurants. Our recommendation would be to stop at either Alzu Station or Milly’s Station, they offer great amenities and are the perfect food of coffee stop. If you don’t feel like driving then you can also book a private transfer with us and your guide will manage the entire drive, stops, toll gates and you wont have to worry about renting and vehicle or following a map. 
The other alternative is of course a direct flight from Johannesburg to one of two different airports. You can either fly into KMIA International Airport which is a 30 min drive from Numbi Gate or you can take a direct flight to Skukuza Airport which is situation inside the park and where you guide will collect you on Open Safari vehicle and head off to your accommodation. SKukuza Airport would be the easiest and most convenient however flights are more expensive because of the direct route. 


Choosing the right kind of accommodation in the Kruger National Park. 

This is of course all about budget firstly and then about wether you are looking for a Safari Tour or you just want to relax and enjoy lazy days with a 2hour morning and afternoon safari drive from you lodge. Kruger offers a variety of different accommodation and can be categorised as follows :

  • Self-Catering Kruger Camps (from $270pp per night)This includes a self catering 2 sleeper Bungalow in one of Kruger Camps with onsite bathroom, air-conditioner, kitchenette, daily service as well as private guide and safari vehicle, lunch and dinner. 

  • Hotel outside Kruger ($290pp per night) – This includes a 2 sleeper hotel room in one of the 4* Hotels that are just outside the Park, onsite bathroom, air-conditioner, daily service as well as private guide and safari vehicle, breakfast. The hotels are usually a 15 – 20 minute drive to the nearest Kruger gate of entry

  • Hotel inside Kruger (from $350pp per night) – This includes a 4* Hotel room at Skukuza Camp with onsite bathroom, air-conditioner, daily service as well as private guide and safari vehicle, lunch and dinner. 

  • Luxury Safari Lodge ($500pp per night) – This includes a private suite in one of the lodges within Kruger, onsite bathroom, air-conditioner, daily service as well as 2 game drives per day, all meals and local drinks. 

  • Private Villa (from $950 per night for 6 guests) – This includes a private villa in a estate that borders the Park, accommodation for 6 guests, onsite bathroom, air-conditioner, kitchen with chef, swimming pool, daily service as well as private guide and safari vehicle, lunch and dinner. 

When choosing your accommodation its important to first decide what kind of Safari experience you want. There are two ways to approach your Safari and these are based on either rest and relaxation or experience and travel. 

For the guest who’s looking to relax and enjoy some needed down time then i private safari lodge would be recommended. You can enjoy 2 (2hr) safaris daily and for the rest you can relax in your room or by the pool area. For the guest who is looking to explore and perhaps wants more of an adventure then we would recommend an overnight Kruger National Park Safari that stays at a few different camps and allows you to see as much of Kruger and its fauna and flora as possible. These tours are flexible and don’t mean sitting on a vehicle all day but are for guests who have a keen interests in wildlife and travel and want to maximise on their experience. 

If you are looking to visit the Kruger National Park we have a variety of safaris and tours and can help you with your planning. Just send us an email to hello@safaria.co.za.